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9th February 2008

numerical_x8:36pm: Banana in your Snackster!
Has anyone else tried putting banana sandwiches in their Snackster? Whenever I mention this to other people I get funny looks but those bread pockets of gooey warm banana and butter/margarine (I'm a margarine girl myself, but each to their own) are just about the best thing that has ever existed.
Variations on this theme include banana and sultanas/raisins or banana and chopped walnuts. If anyone else puts banana sandwiches in their Snackster (or any other toasted sandwich maker) I'd love to hear about it and I'm looking to try other "banana and" recipes.
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23rd August 2006

fleur32511:09pm: Hi all! I am new to this community. I used to have a Snackmaster over 10 years ago. I was feeling nostalgic, and I knew my husband would love sandwich maker sandwiches, so I bought a snackster for $7.88 from Target a few days ago.

I love this thing!

Anyhow, I thought I would share some recipes. Since it is basically an electric pie iron, I have found dozens of pie iron recipes that can be used. Enjoy!

scroll down for links to more recipes.



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20th March 2006

fuhrer_amendola9:57pm: Snackster-Esque
So I've been meaning to come out of the closet with this, I don't actually own a snackster, I own a very similar machine with all of the same functions called, THE GRILL:

I think the only difference is that this machine can make bacon, where as snackster's odd triangular shapes would prevent it. However, it is just as glorious.

Post bacon cooking, but it's very easy to clean. (To the left is a deep friar, to the right is a belgium waffle maker.[Yes, I intend to have a heart attack at 30{although I do use olive oil}])

Now, I usually just dump sulphuric acid on it, but I think it's just as easy to clean if you run two paper towels across it. So if you find yourself in an area where you cannot purchase a snackster, go crazy with the Sur La Table catalouge, and get THE GRILL. (As well as many other riddiculous appliances, which is what I did, Deep Friar, Belgium Waffle Maker, small pizza maker, ice cream maker, bread maker, and something else I could never possibly need. However, I actually do use them all quite often, I made a delicious panetone with the bread maker, although it was an unorthodox shape for panetone.)

11th March 2006

fuhrer_amendola2:03am: Hello
So, I've just created one of these damnable live journals and joined this group. So, for my first post I can tell you about a sandwich I often make, and I'm not sure if the sandwich is unique or if its been done before, but either way it is infact delicious.

So I use either Arnold's brand rye bread or Wonder brand italian bread(identical to white bread), depending on my mood. The ingrediants consist of Sopressato and Capicole, I used 6 slices(3 of each), but there's no specific amount if you don't require nearly that much sustenance. ((Sopressato and Capicole, if you're in the United States, tend to only be available in New York and New Jersey, so if you can't get to these amazing meats then don't worry about it.)) Then 4 slices of any brand of ham, ((most conveniantly cut into rectangles to be perfectly folded into the sandwich, as they're far too long)), then a few slices of mozeralla and/or provolone cheese ((same deal with rectangular slices)), and then to top it off slices of roma tomatoes sprinkled with oregano and olive oil. ((Only the tiniest bit of olive oil)). I usually only eat these if I wake up at 12 and I'm eating for two meals at once, but there's no reason you can't just use less slices of everything as good measure to prevent heart attacks. Then there is but to cook it for 2-3 minutes on your Snackster((or however long it takes to get the cheese slightly melted)) This is one of the most delicious sandwiches you'll ever try.

So behold, gaze unto the glory of this sandwich. One bite from this sandwich and one would feel the same sensation as the taste of Ambrosia, the very nectar of the gods themselves.

6th January 2006

ratz9:09am: Snackster eating an expensive waffle iron.

As an aside, do any of the other members of this community own snacksters, or are you all here because Elyse is foxy? Feel free to post snackster stories, trials, and tribulations! Pictures are always welcome, too.
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28th February 2005

ratz7:22pm: Just so you don't think all I do is snackster sandwiches...
an honest to god homemade pizza. Crust and all.

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20th February 2005

ratz3:05pm: A little bachelor food for old time's sake...

I humbly present the Snackster Calzone...

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15th February 2005

ratz5:12pm: In keeping the spirit of my nameplate from 2 jobs ago, (which said "I'm so classy, I'm trashy"), here's a picture of my snackster with the household's new Global vegetable cleaver.

You may think this means I'm not picky. But you'd be wrong. I can be quite picky. Take for instance, my bread. I'm very keen on the Roman Meal Whole Weat Calcium Enriched Sandwich Loaf. The idea that a mass-produced wheat bread is made in a Pullman loaf makes me very happy indeed. But, it seems that all I can get at SuperTarget is the split-top version. So I'm stuck with...

The good news is that this inferior bread fits into the snackster well... if you put it in sideways. Counterintuitive, perhaps, but all the same functional.
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23rd December 2002

stella5:14pm: Hubba hubba. Snackster in three days. I'll bring some bacon, you supply the cheese.

13th December 2002

ratz7:19am: Say it, sister...
Taken from a review on e-pinons.com.

"Caveat: I am not a girl given to kitchen appliances. I don't even own a microwave oven. As corny as it sounds, I really believe that the whole experience surrounding food - planning and preparing a meal and then eating it with those you care about - is that much more fulfilling when you do things by hand. Not that I don't take shortcuts here and there (to wit, I'm terribly fond of those little jars of pre-minced garlic), but I really think the American fascination with so-called time-saving appliances is an economic and cultural drain, if a fascinating sociological case study.

But I bought a Snackster.

Why? Well, because it seems more versatile than some gadgets (an egg poacher, say, or a pizzelle maker). Because Significant Other is incapable of food preparation that involves more than a bowl, a spoon, and some milk, and the Snackster seemed easy -and fun- to use. It still seemed like a selfish, almost guilty purchase, however, which I justified by shopping around on the Net for good prices, waiting the requisite three days to see if I still wanted it (the best way to reduce personal consumerism that I know of), and doing some research (mostly, reading E-pinions). I really liked the fact that you could make more than grilled cheese sandwiches with it, and the promise of recipes included tempted me.

I'm disappointed with the Snackster, but am still using it and enthusiastic about it. First, the recipes included were far fewer in number than I had anticipated: perhaps a dozen sandwich recipes and some other ideas, for herb butters and crab cakes and whatnot. Sounds high-brow, huh? The sandwich recipes made up for that, their primary ingredients being things like canned chili and grated cheese. They really weren't anything I couldn't dream up myself, and came nowhere near representing the variety of options touted by so many E-pinionites.

Okay, I'm a smart girl. I can figure out my own recipes. The Snackster works well, pumping out piping-hot and golden-brown sandwich pockets. The claim that the Snackster seals and "cuts" the sandwich is a bit overblown; instead, it presses the edges of the bread together, but rarely forms a true seal, so that filling does goo out when you pick the sandwich up. And it creates an indentation that, while not cutting the sandwich, does give you a good guideline for where you can slice through it relatively easily. Toastmaster recommends using a pizza cutter, and I plan to purchase one at my local Dollar Store or Williams-Sonoma right soon.

These flaws, however, are minor, and I can certainly live with them. The Snackster is very convenient and makes any grilled-type sandwich just as well as traditional frying-pan-and-spatula method without the same amount of hassle and clean-up. The ability to make two Snackster sandwiches at once is an added bonus.

Additionally, the Snackster is just gimmicky enough to give Significant Other a good deal of enthusiasm toward fixing meals and "cooking" in general. I notice that the cheese and bread supplies seem to dwindle while I'm away from the house for any amount of time, and there are more paper plates in the trash than there ever used to be..."
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