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Snackster eating an expensive waffle iron.


As an aside, do any of the other members of this community own snacksters, or are you all here because Elyse is foxy? Feel free to post snackster stories, trials, and tribulations! Pictures are always welcome, too.
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January 6 2006, 15:40:45 UTC 11 years ago

I MUST know what those owls are about.
I wish they were genuine vintage, but alas, they are not. Cookie jar, salt shaker, pepper shaker. My girlfriend and I have never met a kitchen accessory we had an easy time saying "no" to. At last count, we had about four sets of salt and pepper shakers.
+1 Elyse is foxy
Fair enough... the girl is foxy, and if she likes grilled sandwich pockets, she's cool on top of it.



January 7 2006, 08:09:41 UTC 11 years ago

Where did you get the owls? or does anyone know where to get them, They are cutecutecute, I like.
The mark at the bottom reads "American Retro distributed by Clay 101." My girlfriend got them, undoubtedly on clearance, and I'm guessing from Fred Flare. If so, they are undoubtedly out, as they always run out of things. A quick google search turned up nothing, I'm afraid...
i don't own a snackster, and i do love cute little elyse, but it was actually the love of cooking appliances combined with the U of MN connection that brought me here.
Fair enough... keen eye on the Minnesota connection. But since you brought it up, your user name reminds me of a painting up in a shop in Saint Paul... it is a painting of a gorilla with the words "Wanted: Munkle" on it. Any connection?
no, it has been a long time since anyone let me do art (unless you count cooking and gardening)-- mostly i am chained to my bench in the lab or in my office reading and writing. i'm intrigued, though. i'd ask you where the munkle painting is, but without a car, st. paul is like some foreign country that i rarely visit.
My girlfriend took a picture of it...

wow. tell your girlfriend that your fake friend mannatunkle says "thanks" (or maybe I am actually your snackster's fake friend?).

i wonder if the artist wants muncle, or if it is the gorilla. curious.