Steven Christian Amendola II (fuhrer_amendola) wrote in snackster,
Steven Christian Amendola II


So I've been meaning to come out of the closet with this, I don't actually own a snackster, I own a very similar machine with all of the same functions called, THE GRILL:

I think the only difference is that this machine can make bacon, where as snackster's odd triangular shapes would prevent it. However, it is just as glorious.

Post bacon cooking, but it's very easy to clean. (To the left is a deep friar, to the right is a belgium waffle maker.[Yes, I intend to have a heart attack at 30{although I do use olive oil}])

Now, I usually just dump sulphuric acid on it, but I think it's just as easy to clean if you run two paper towels across it. So if you find yourself in an area where you cannot purchase a snackster, go crazy with the Sur La Table catalouge, and get THE GRILL. (As well as many other riddiculous appliances, which is what I did, Deep Friar, Belgium Waffle Maker, small pizza maker, ice cream maker, bread maker, and something else I could never possibly need. However, I actually do use them all quite often, I made a delicious panetone with the bread maker, although it was an unorthodox shape for panetone.)
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