Steven Christian Amendola II (fuhrer_amendola) wrote in snackster,
Steven Christian Amendola II


So, I've just created one of these damnable live journals and joined this group. So, for my first post I can tell you about a sandwich I often make, and I'm not sure if the sandwich is unique or if its been done before, but either way it is infact delicious.

So I use either Arnold's brand rye bread or Wonder brand italian bread(identical to white bread), depending on my mood. The ingrediants consist of Sopressato and Capicole, I used 6 slices(3 of each), but there's no specific amount if you don't require nearly that much sustenance. ((Sopressato and Capicole, if you're in the United States, tend to only be available in New York and New Jersey, so if you can't get to these amazing meats then don't worry about it.)) Then 4 slices of any brand of ham, ((most conveniantly cut into rectangles to be perfectly folded into the sandwich, as they're far too long)), then a few slices of mozeralla and/or provolone cheese ((same deal with rectangular slices)), and then to top it off slices of roma tomatoes sprinkled with oregano and olive oil. ((Only the tiniest bit of olive oil)). I usually only eat these if I wake up at 12 and I'm eating for two meals at once, but there's no reason you can't just use less slices of everything as good measure to prevent heart attacks. Then there is but to cook it for 2-3 minutes on your Snackster((or however long it takes to get the cheese slightly melted)) This is one of the most delicious sandwiches you'll ever try.

So behold, gaze unto the glory of this sandwich. One bite from this sandwich and one would feel the same sensation as the taste of Ambrosia, the very nectar of the gods themselves.
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